Weegschaal ijken & ijkcertificaten

Alle Kern balasen worden standaard geleverd zonder ijkcertificaat.

Deze kunnen alleen optioneel bij aanschaf van een nieuwe balans worden aangeboden.

Bij de ijking is het belangrijk om de locatie van de opstelling aan te geven.

Ijking achteraf is helaas niet mogelijk.

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Verification - Evaluation of conformity

A verification, called "evaluation of conformity" for new conceptuality, means the official examination of the accuracy of dimensions, weights, balances and measuring tools according to the law of dimensions and weight.

The verification is required by the state and protects consumers.

Only balances with approved design and only weights according to OIML of classes E2, F1, F2 and M1 can get a conformity assessment.

According to EU directive 2014/31/EU balances must be officially verified if they are used as follows:

- in commercial transactions if the price of goods is determined by weighing
- in the production of medicines in pharmacies as well as for analyzes in the medical and pharmaceutical laboratory
- for official purposes
- in the production of finished packages
- in medicine

Each balance is checked by a verification official and stamped with the mark of conformity (verification mark).

Therewith the validity within the admissible verification tolerance is confirmed. The scope of the EU verification applies to all EU member states.

Regarding the validity period, the respective national regulations apply.


Verification classes of scales

Type of deviceclass
Analytical Balance I
Precision scale II
Industrial scale (commercial balance) III

The gravity is of considerable influence on the accuracy of electronic scales.

As their strength is different at every location on earth, scales must be adjusted before the verification on the exact location.

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